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Option Packs & Accessories

The following options are available to specified models only and are subject to layout configuration. Please contact us for further details.

When you need to get beyond the "black stump" or the "back O' Burke", the "Maytow Safari Pack" is your perfect partner.

The "Maytow Safari Pack", with its extra ground clearance and super tough raised re-enforced chassis will transform any of our Roadstar layouts into true "dirt-roaders". The "Maytow Safari Pack" has been designed to allow you the freedom and flexibility to go almost anywhere you want, whenever the mood grabs you. With all the comfort, style, safety and quailty of a Roadstar van your "Maytow Safari Pack" will allow you to enjoy more of the great outdoors more often.

link to safari pack brochure here

15" and 16" Delta Sport Wheels
Available to Dreamtime Cruiser and Vacationer models. 15" standard Delta Sports Wheels and tyres for Safari Chassis upgrade for 16" Delta Sports Whels and tyres available.

15" and 16" TX1 White Pollshed Wheels
Available to Daintree and Little Rippa models. 15" standard TX1 White polished wheels and tyres for Safari Chassis upgrade.
Optional upgrade for 16" TX1 White polished wheels and tyres available.


Available to Voyager Sapphire Models 15" Standard LA 24 Alloy Polished Wheelsand tyres for Safari Chassis upgrade. Optional upgrade for 16" LA 24 Alloy Polished Wheels and tyres available.


Chequered Plating - Side

Annexe Door


Maytow Caravans are caravan design specialists. For more information, please contact us or make an appointment with one of our profession sales consultants to discuss your needs.

Retractable BBQ

Fold Out Table

Air Conditioning

Extra Storage Compartment

A Frame Mesh

Chequered Plating - Front

Alternative Power Supplies

If you are considering getting off the beaten track for any length of time, Roadstar has a great range of self sufficient, alternative power supply options. Talk to us about the latest on factory fitted 12 volt battery and solar packs suitable for your stay in the great outdoors. With Roadstar’s factory fitted 12 volt power you have the option to run your fridge, lights and other everyday electrical items. It’s no wonder people feel so confident tackling the great outdoors with Roadstar.


*Please note:
1.Due to ongoing improvement, features and specifications may change without prior notification.

2.Caution - All Roadstar vans can and will adequately cope with reasonable conditions on gazetted Australian roads whether sealed or not. Drivers and/or travellers are advised that when engaged in "Safari or Off Road" terrain travel you must assess the condition of the road, pathway, track, low level lake/water/river crossing, dirt road and/or corrugated roads. It is the sole responsibility of the driver/traveller to make this assessment and to take reasonable care and not to engage in irresponsible and or reckless towing behaviour, otherwise you will void your warranty.

3.Do Not Void Your Warranty -Ensure that you purchase Factory Fitted appliances with your van. Any items tampered or fitted aftermarket which is not factory fitted by Roadstar Industries including Electrical, Gas, Water, Refrigerated Plumbing,Heating, Non Factory Fitted Battery Packs, and Solar Panels will invalidate your Warranty.

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