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Roadstar Dreamtime Cruiser

The Dreamtime is quite possibly the best value for money caravan, and combines an all aluminum exterior based on a heavy duty boxes steel Supergal chassis with single or tandem beam leaf spring leaf axle. Inside you will discover nothing less than stylish comfort, refinement and furnished with contemporary European furniture. In addition the Dreamtime has a level of standard safety features that’s anything but standard.

Safety is paramount with Roadstar's Dreamtime model. All vans are equipped with an over pressure relief value as standard on gas cylinders, smoke detectors, residual current devise to detect earth leakage, temperature limiting values on Luxury Ensuite models, fire safety kit consisting of 1kg fire extinguisher and security fire blanket and Water Purifying filter, to give you a greater peace of mind.

Roadstar's Dreamtime also gives you a range of optional suspensions for “on road” or “off road" travelling.

The Roadstar Dreamtime comes standard with beam axle and leaf spring suspension, however you can choose the innovative design of trailing-arm independent suspension, which ensures road-shock stresses are confined, and not transferred to the trailer body.

This truly unique Simplicity Independent Suspension System has been designed to share the load over wheels, reducing impact, and dramatically cutting body roll and pitching. Totally eliminating axle steer, and practically eliminating tail sway, this in turn leads to increased tyre life, reduced wear and stress on your axles and greater fuel economy.

The increased performance from independent suspension means greater driver confidence, and it can even improve your caravan’s resale value.

Perfect for traveling over rough roads, this load-sharing system makes traveling on smooth roads at higher speeds, even safer. This is the safest system of its kind and is the only such system available in Australia.

The one thing you notice about all Roadstar's Dreamtime vans is the amazing diversity and functionality of the layouts.

The Dreamtime range comes in a number of layouts, from Pop Tops to Caravans:
- RP 15’6” x 7’6” - 4
- RP 15’6” x 7’6” - 5
- RP 16’0” x 7’6” - 3 (Family, 3 Bunks & convertible double bed)
- RP 16’0” x 7’6” - 7 (Family, 2 Bunks Bi Fold & Standard double bed)
- RC 17’6” x 7’6” - 7 SHRD vans
- RC 17’6” x 7’6” - 8 SHRD
- RC 17’6” x 7’6” - 9 RD
- RC 17’6” x 7’6” - 10 RD
- RC 19’0” x 8’ - 5 SHRD
- RC 19’0” x 8’ - 9 SHRD
- RC 21’6” x 8’ - 4 SH (Family, 2 or 3 bunk vans)

Dreamtime Safari with chequered plating front and side.

Dreamtime Kitchen interior.

Dreamtime caravan.

Dreamtime family 2 or 3 bunk with closet.

Dreamtime kitchen and ensuite version.

Dreamtime Lounge & bedroom

Dreamtime Interior


Dreamtime Safari with outback decals and chequered plating.

For more information you can

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