Essential Options for the Caravan Option

The vast majority of caravaneers use electricity extensively to power a range of appliances while being connected to an electrical hook-up on the campgrounds. Here’s a guide that gives you a wealth of tips on best practices for connecting your caravan and using it safely.

Tips on amps and watts

Be aware before connecting your caravan to the power grid, that you are limited in terms of amperage. To find out the number of amps you use, add the power of each device in your caravan. Land Rover RR Sport Personal Lease

For new owners of caravans and motorhomes, know that it is better to buy equipment specifically dedicated to this destination rather than using the electrical appliances of the house. As an illustration, the domestic kettle usually has a power of 1500 watts. For the motorhome, a 12 V electric kettle and an 80 cm cord with a cigarette lighter socket at a power of 170 W.

To keep our example, you also have caravan kettles running on the power grid. They have a power of 75 Watts. Like the house, the wattage is important for the caravan. Each circuit of the caravan also has maximum amperage that must not be exceeded. For the Maytow Caravans this is a very important now.

Electrical connections in Europe and surroundings

Some camper vans travel to Europe. Although there is a European standard for adapter cords to connect your vehicle to the power grid, you may still find some terminals where your adapter would not fit. For example, the sites in Germany are much better equipped in terms of connection than those in Italy even if they are changing gradually. And the difficulty is exponential in Britain. Land Rover RR Sport Used Cars

Very often in Great Britain, your electrical connection can know what is called reverse polarity. This is due to different standards of plug wiring. The caravan’s electrical installation should not be used as long as there is a reverse polarity situation. Disconnect the plug from the mains and do not use this installation. Never use a site providing access to the power grid that does not have an earthling system.

The campsite requires the use of electricity

Adapter cards are also available to connect the standard connection cable to an electrical outlet. Also, check the amperage before making the connection. Note that there is talk of caravans and motorhomes. However, these power cables work for fairground trailers in markets or boats, as well as generators:

  • Your electrical devices and the power limitation of the terminals
  • Whenever possible, only use devices that meet the standards of the country in which you are traveling. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer if the appliance is used in a motorhome.

Although the caravan’s electrical
system is designed for a maximum current of up to 16 Amps, some campsites may
limit the maximum current load to lower amperage. For example, in the United
Kingdom the limitation is very often of 10 Amperes, as in France (even the
example of the camp-sites higher up). On arrival at a site, check what is the
maximum current allowed, and respect this constraint.

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